Image of history, forgotten by history.

Place the media between ourselves and the world.
Place yourself between dreams and reality.

Methodological ZANKA is committed to the de/re-construction of history with creating of widely accessible public archive.

Captured video works were realized in conditions range from simple VHS to VHS dubbing up to production at advanced Slovenian production houses of that time (Brut movie, Studio MI, Kanal A, Slovenia TV, VPK). As such it is a concrete outline of the existence and life of Slovenian media landscape.

Most often, the video language is founded outside itself - in other practices, but practice followed here is the one which can be justified only by the video itself. The independent video journey in an environment which was suddenly and rapidly changing, and with the resources which were irreversibly changing the world before our eyes. This is also a very concrete material about the rapidly changing technology and the equipment itself and about the persistence of desire to go through / over those changes of medias and processes.

Website ZANKA is also the desire of video to be conceitedly presented as itself. Not as something that was, but as something that is here. Here is also a need for renewal because of preservation. It is the confrontation of video with constantly newer information medias, which required a new forms of communication.

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